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03 Sep 11 Love letter straight from the heart

by Shirley Bongbong Number of View: 2404

Do not think that every woman you meet wants a green bucks flashy boyfriend. Yes, money may count as it is security but it does not really mean everything.

Women love a little sense of romance… A walk in the woods… Cooking together in her kitchen… Coffee in the patio…

If you are too busy to say hi, send a love letter straight from the heart. Send a love letter each day or week even if you are already married. You do not need to be poetic to send one. You just need to express how you love her and keep in touch even if you are busy. It takes a click to win a heart. Why don’t you send one now?

Expressions are important in keeping relationships. How you express yourself and spend time writing your love letter will be most appreciated by the woman you love. Does it need to be mailed through the post office? No, of course not! Email would be fine. This is a fast paced world. Use technology.

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“Grow old with her, stay with her
Love her, keep her
A love letter is all it takes
Make her love you more”

Maintain your relationship by sending love letters the old way. Mail it. Use the post office. Make this world a nicer place to live. Be lovable and romantic! It just melts hearts away! Here is one technique to make your love letter more memorable and romantic.

  • Use the old fashion way
  • Buy a whole pad stationery with good romantic design
  • Write your feelings
  • Do not use email
  • Mail through post office
  • OR send it through a flower shop delivery with one or two roses
  • A vase of flowers is fine
  • One last thing – put some scent on the paper
  • What scent?
  • It will make her crazy

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