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14 Aug 11 Wait for me

by Shirley Bongbong Number of View: 2039

What do two people falling in love with each other do when they are far away from each other? With today’s modern technology, all that couples could do are limited to what technology could offer them. Are you holding on or letting go of something beautiful?

I find myself trying to go, pass, and live the day without you BUT with you always in my mind and heart. This is something awesome. Feeling you are so near yet so far. Each time I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind is your face. Darling, I miss you so much. Maybe someday, we will figure all this out, how to make things better, YOU and ME together side by side in real. Maybe someday, we put an end to all our longings, start all over again, and live our lives out in real. Sometimes, we just don’t notice how good it can get online. Really, darling you make me love you more each time you let me hear your voice.

Life is too short I know.  I am just trying not to cry because I am missing you so much. And whenever I see you…  I would say Oh My God, where did you ever get that smile and body. As the video keeps streaming on, my heart goes streaming too. Oh my God, Oh my God…. You look so nice and cool like a model at work…. You make me so crazy. However, things JUST don’t seem to go my way because I WANT to HUG you tight and KEEP you right here next to me.

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Please wait for me… please wait for me… Life could be fading fast sometimes when you are not with me. I could not stop thinking if you ever think of me somehow. We live each others lives in two different worlds, two different cultures, and yet we are happy to see each other and just spend talking our time away. Different clocks, different times, and yet we meet to capture each others world. Bit of time, bit of wish, bit of love, bit of laughter, how I wish you are here beside me. Are we ready for something deeper my love? Ohhhhh…. Darling please wait for me….

You are so out of touch. Ugh… how could this happen between us… seems so real yet evolves like fantasy. You are so out of touch. Someday, I want to reach out and hold you. Many times I want to reach out for something to hold at times when I am so cold and feel so alone. I get out of my head trying to reach out to you when you’re not around. I love you so much….

Continue dating… someday… you will find each other holding each other’s arms… laughing face to face… seeing each other eye to eye… fly here with the lowest flight packages… MEET HER

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